Real Estate

The Luxembourg real estate market has significantly expanded over the last 15 years. For top ranking locations in or around the Luxembourg city center, square meter prices are approaching those that clients face in other major European cities, and the construction boom was not really affected by the economic crisis in Europe since 2008.

The actors in the real estate and construction business have had to become much more professional over the last decade, and they had to face increasingly complex legislation and regulations in a more and more sophisticated activity. The need for intelligent structures and efficient project finance, difficult public procurement issues and complex administrative and environmental questions, forced all actors in this sector, not only landowners, but also project and property developpers, to seek first class legal assistance/support on a daily basis.

We have been active in Real Estate and Construction matters for many years, and they have undoubtfully been key areas of expertise ever since the foundation of our law firm, even though this activity was more focused on Dispute Resolution and litigation in the early years. With the actors on the real estate market taking, over the years a more advisory oriented approach, we became legal counsel to numerous major Real Estate agents, owners, project managers, property developpers, as well as construction and engineering companies.