Energy & Utilities

Notwithstanding its small geographical dimensions and the limited number of actors in the energy market, the European move away from regimes dominated by a single national energy company to wider competitive markets has brought new challenges into the electricity and gas markets.

With the liberalisation of the energy markets, the separation of the more regulated and supervised network management activities from very deregulated and liberalised supplier activities, the commercial developments of power generation, including from wind and renewables, the actors involved in those new energy markets, whether as suppliers, purchasers, traders, lenders or owners of transmission or distribution networks, or the major energy consumers, need more professional advice than ever before.

Since the early years of the firm, we have been involved in administrative and environmental law matters as well as contractual distribution and licensing aspects relating to the local oil and petroleum consumer market. Since the liberalisation of the gas, water and electricity markets, we have advised major local actors in relation to the regulatory, corporate and contractual aspects of the new energy business structures and we have the legal background needed by these new businesses in areas such as public procurement, engineering, Real Estate & Construction and project finance.